Meg joined the practice of law in June 2021 as an associate attorney for the firm.  Her practice is primarily focused on personal injury cases that go into civil litigation, such as vehicle collisions and slip and fall incidents.  During the five years prior to her admission to the Bar, Meg worked as a litigation paralegal for the firm.

In addition to her hard work both inside and outside of the courtroom, Meg understands the importance of building good rapport with her clients.  As a dedicated advocate for her clients, Meg prides herself on open and honest communication, being easily accessible, and taking the time to explain the intricacies of the litigation process.

While in law school, Meg held the title of both Staff Editor and Associate Editor for UB Law Forum, where her writing was published on four separate occasions.  During her final year of law school, Meg served as a student attorney under MD Rule 19-220 for the Bob Parsons Veterans’ Advocacy Clinic.  While in clinic, Meg had the pleasure of representing a client in the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims and drafting two appeals to the Board of Veterans Appeals.  Meg further participated in mock trial and worked part-time as a research assistant for her clinic supervisor, focusing primarily on legislative initiatives and executive support for homeless veterans in Maryland.


  • Wheeler v. State: In a Criminal Proceeding, the State Need Only Establish a Chain of    of Custody that Negates a Reasonable Probability of Altering or Tampering in Order for Evidence to be Deemed Admissible, 49 U. Balt. L.F. 81 (2018).
  • Reynolds v. State: Voluntary and Inconsistent Statements Made by a Defendant in Violation of Miranda are Admissible for Impeachment Purposes, 49 U. Balt. L.F. 171 (2019).
  • Marriage is No Excuse and No Means No: Maryland Lawmakers Argue to Revoke Obsolete Marital Rape Exemption, University of Baltimore Law Forum, Apr. 13, 2020.
  • Tough-on-Crime Policies in Baltimore: Effective or Ineffective? University of Baltimore Law Forum, May 25, 2020.

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